Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame


Science fiction is one of the most influential artistic genres of modern times, though it is rarely given its due by mainstream critics. Freed from the constraints and limitations of other more conventional art forms, science fiction explores important and relevant issues with unbounded clarity. A reflection of society’s hopes and fears, it provides insight into the culture of the times of its creators. Evidence of its impact can be found throughout our society, from fashion to film, art to architecture, transportation to technology.

Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame will be a “hyper-museum,” an interactive, media-rich experience that combines one-of-a-kind artifacts and information in evocative environments that immerse visitors in alternative worlds. Its exhibits and activities will demonstrate how this dynamic and diverse genre touches all forms of artistic expression and reframes the meaning of developments in science, art, and the humanities, giving us new insights into ourselves and the world around us.

The Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame will involve the leading practitioners of the genre — writers, illustrators, publishers, and filmmakers. These artists will be honored in a “Hall of Fame,” which will be showcased within the museum and will serve as a locus for national annual awards, special events, and publications.

Opening summer 2004, Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame will be colocated with Experience Music Project in the landmark Frank Gehry building at Seattle Center.

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