About Us

What is FantaFiction?

This site contains information about fantasy, science fiction and horror authors and books. You’ll also find information about cover artists and movies and TV series that are related to the SF/F genre.

Enjoy your stay, and let me know if there is something more you’d like to see here.

Some history

FantaFiction was started January 7th 2000. The purpose of this web site is to gather, and share, as much information about fantasy and science fiction books, authors, cover artists and other relevant things as possible.

FantaFiction is so far purely a non profit web site (but that’s only because the profit so far is non existing), though I do spend much money, and time, on it. If you would like to see FantaFiction continue to grow, and maybe even grow faster, and into something better, you can help! Support us by buying your books via the Amazon links from us. When doing so, we get a small fee from Amazon, and it doesn’t cost you anything extra.

Links to Amazon can be found on all of the book pages. In addition we have ads served by Google. These ads should be relevant to the contents of FantaFiction, or be ads for charity and “good” organizations.

Our Staff

Torbjørn Pettersen – Yes, that’s the staff. One person. If you need to contact us about anything, this is the person you need to contact (who else, with a one person staff?).

Special thanks!

Fantafiction would not have been what it is today without the excellent help from a few selected friends:

Sveinung Rørvig – Was with me from the start, and did some pretty amazing work with graphics and layout.

Kjell Atle Mosbron – Has helped me with ASP coding here and there.

Bjørn Hytjanstorp – Has showed me that there are still some very nice people out there. He came forth and gave a helping hand, and more than just a hand, it was more like a whole arm. He has done a lot of the ASP coding on FantaFiction. Without him, things would have been very different here.

Manon Gauthier – Another great person! She has done wonders with the database, and has also done a lot of ASP coding for me. Without her, I would have had countless sleepless nights with lots of banging my head against the wall/keyboard.

I would also like to thank all the authors and publishers which have sent me review copies of their books.
And then, a big thanks to all my visitors who have contributed with info in different ways, and with praise, suggestions and support. Thank you all, wouldn’t be the same without you!