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Authors with lastname
starting with the letter C

Cabrera, Eralides E.
Calder, Richard
Card, Orson Scott
Cardarelle, Andria
Cardwell, Nathan
Carey, Diane
Carey, Jacqueline
Carr, Terry
Carter, Carmen
Carver, Jeffrey A.
Caselberg, Jay
Chant, Joey
Cherryh, C.J.
Childs, K.G.
Christensen, James
Ciencin, Scott
Clarke, Arthur C.
Clay, James
Clink, Carolyn
Clowes, Carolyn
Cogswell, Theodore R.
Cohen, Jack
Cole, Allan
Connors, William W.
Constantine, Storm
Cook, Glen
Cook, David
Cook, Monte
Cooper, Sonni
Cordell, Bruce R.
Correy, Lee
Cox, Greg
Crandall, Melissa
Crispin, A.C.
Cross, Malcolm
Crowther, Peter
Culbreath, Myrna
Cullum, J.A.
Cunningham, Elaine
Czerneda, Julie E.